Biometric Authentication For Secure Gambling Transactions 1xBet

To protect accounts from fraudsters, more and more platforms are starting to use biometrics as an additional defence. Betting platforms such as 1xBet are no exception. Keep reading this article to learn more about these protection methods and their features.

What Is Biometrics?

The term biometrics refers to the process of authorisation in an application using human biological characteristics (its distinctive features). It can be a fingerprint, Face ID and even voice. This direction is actively developing, adding new ways of biometrics for logging into accounts on 1xBet CI. In addition, this means of security gives us the following advantages:

  • Allows you to easily and seamlessly log into your account in the app using fingerprint or facial recognition;
  • Simplifies the authentication process, because you no longer need to remember long and complicated passwords;
  • Significantly increases the security of your account, because biometric data is unique and unrepeatable and cannot be faked.

Why Is Biometric Authentication Being Increasingly Adopted?

Unfortunately, the issue of security is acute in the sports betting and gambling industry. This is all because you provide your personal and payment information in your account, which becomes a real temptation for fraudsters. Therefore, more and more operators have started to introduce additional security measures with biometrics. In this way, they fulfil the needs of many users who are worried about their security. The theft of personal and payment information is increasing day by day, so the implementation of such protection measures becomes simply necessary for many areas of our lives. In addition, it will be a great stage for the development of the gambling industry, because:

  • Biometric identification will be a reliable defence against fraudulent attacks and will allow users to bet on sports with peace of mind;
  • This approach from platforms like 1xBet Cote D’ivoire is an indication of care and a high level of service.

Legislative Requirements

Just recently, namely in 2021, a new directive on payment services was adopted. This document applies so far only to the European Union, but such rules will be actively picked up by other countries. These are new requirements of the European Union, which are aimed at increasing the level of security of online payments. Now all platforms such as 1xBet need to implement two-factor authentication. They have to launch two out of three authorisation methods among the following:

  • Pin/Password;
  • Bathymetric data;
  • Recognise the device by IP.

In addition, to make the level of security even higher, most biometric authorisations require you to perform an action. For example, you will need to perform some sort of activity task, such as blinking or saying a random phrase. This way, you will prove that you are a real person who is trying to authorise in real time for 1 xBet.

Types Of Biometric Authentication

If you think that biometric authentication methods end at fingerprints or face prints, you are wrong. The world doesn’t stand still and is constantly working to introduce new technologies, especially to improve security. There are 5 main types of biometrics most commonly seen:

  • Fingerprints. This is one of the most common methods of authorisation. It is actively used in the modern world in various applications. All you need to do is to put your finger to unlock the login to your account, device, and so on;
  • Face. This is a more advanced technology that helps to perform authorisation using the features of our face. For this type of biometrics, there is a special scanning system that memorises the features of our chin, the distance between our eyes and the width of our nose. By taking these features into account, you will be able to authorise yourself in your 1xBets account;
  • Voice. Voice recognition is also available in some apps. This technology is not that popular at the moment, but a lot of research indicates that this is going to change. So by 2026, the voice recognition market will definitely grow. For this biometric authentication, the frequencies of your voice are scanned;
  • Typing. This is another unique trait of each person. This authorisation analyses how often you press keys, how hard you do it and how long it takes you to find a particular letter;
  • Signature. If you think that a signature can be forged, it is not quite so. During such authorisation the process of signature creation is analysed, not only its appearance.


Summing up our 1xBet review, we can conclude that biometric authorisation is an additional security tool. Therefore, as many platforms as possible should implement such systems on their websites or apps, especially where users need to specify their payment and personal information.

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